HMS Deeply Brainless






4, 2 Blaster Cannons and 2 Torpedo Launchers

Escape Pods:

20, 4 per deck

Crew Complement:

12 Cuddle Gang,50 Onboard Marines, 5 Engineers, 3 Medics

Auxillary Craft:

5 Spearhead Fighters and 1 Transport Shuttle

The Deeply Brainless is a Weird Class starship and it's captain is Deputy Supreme Admiral Ellie. It was created by the Cuddle Gang, to house the Cuddle Gang on their adventures and in their missions. Squidgy I and II were the main designers, as that is obvious. Rumour has it, that Bagpuss Ferball can use her behind to project projectiles when all the weapons systems are down. The commander of the Onboard Marines is Captain Oliver, a fellow Tedarian