The Battle For Earth


PTS, Mixed Kirston Factions + Andrewnanian Empire.


Supreme Overlord Toddul, Empress Kirsty, Emporer Rolland, Dark Overlord Hamish, Chief High Councelor Panda.

PTS Strengh:

Pranks 1 and 3, Trade 1 and 2, Stores 1,2 and 3, Medical ship, Stealth ship, HQ ship.

Andrewnanian Strengh:

Modified Old Marton Cruiser, 15 Andrewnanian Cruisers.

Kirston Strength:

Green Fly, Bladecutter 2, Kirston Mothership, 175 Large Kirston Saucers, 1200 Small Kirston Cruisers.


Andrewnanians Switch sides, close PTS victory, deaths of Panda, George Toddul, Hamish and Kirsty.

The Battle For Earth took place in 2128 and resulted in the death of many persons. The sides were PTS and Andrewnanians  against Kirstons.


the battle began with the main leaders of both teams parleiyng on a moon near the fleets.

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