The Battle Of The Nightmare Portal


Quirke military, suer human war fleet, MI0 vs The valkor time agency, the fleet of the admiral's curse vs the rogue travelers

Quirke, super human and MI0 commanders:

Alex Smith, James Johnson, Dolfo, Danny Leo

Time agency and admiral's curse commanders:

Valkor, Valkor junior, the admiral of the admiral's curse

Rogue travellers commanders:

Emily Parkinson

Quirke, super huamn and MI0 strength:

10 british MI0 troops, 500 jamaican MI0 troops, 10,000 Superhumans aboard 20 cruisers, 6,000 quirkes

time agency and admiral's curse strength:

100,000 controlled creatures, 1,000 of valkor's troops, 1,000 sailors of the admiral's curse aboard 20 sail ships, 200 shadow hunters, 30 dinomen, and over 5,000 vinatrox

rogue travellers srength:

5,000 of emily's cronies


clear victory for quirkes/MI0/super humans, destrcution of the tiem agency through the death of valkor, the fleet of the admiral's curse leave earth and the rogue travleers arrive to kill any survivors left on the battle field and they take over the dark mountain

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